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In our day and time, truly, there is no dearth of books on leadership. Publishing houses all over the world are turning out dozens of them every week. But here is a book with a difference. The leadership principles and practices proposed by the author will be appreciated not only by those who are already leaders or those who aspire to become one but also by everyone who is serious about leading a life that is fully human and fully alive. Every organisation or group is looking for leaders with qualities like integrity, honesty, trustworthiness and truthfulness; leaders who will listen and empower, rather than dominate; leaders who have at heart the best interests of the group and of each individual member. Such leaders are not born, they are made through hard work and consistent efforts, The author draws on her personal experience to postulate principles of effective and enlightened leadership in such a simple, convincing, precise and easy-to-read style that even those who have been in leadership roles for a length of time will find it a treasure house of wisdom. Every leader will find inspiration and guidance in this unassuming volume. The section on Forty Power Tools' enumerated in chapter 5 is truly a gem of incomparable value!

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