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This book , like a good guide , will take you on a long expedition during which it will provide you with insight and know - how needed to unlock the potential that lies hidden in you . As you proceed with it , it will make you aware of yourself , assert yourself , and self - confident . It will enhance your self - esteem , help you become self - disciplined , know the traits that lead to success , maintain proper balance in all domains of your life . and manage your time well . It will show you how to control your negative emotions and make your positive emotions work for you as it will teach you how to cultivate good habits and break bad ones . In addition , it will help you cope with your stress , communicate effectively , develop presentation skills , pick - up the art of influencing others . You will learn a number of valuable tips required for leading an effective life . As you move from page to page , you will come across a large array of techniques and strategies that would transform you into a better empowered person . In short , here is a comprehensive guide packed with powerful and practical tips to empower yourself.

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